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Affiliate Program
bunq NL BE

The Advertiser

bunq has been launched in 2015 in the Netherlands. They're an independent bank that removes borders and barriers in traditional banking. Users can share bank accounts with whomever they want, pay worldwide with Mastercard and get support whenever they need it. All of their accounts can be fully managed via the mobile application. Bunq offers freedom of banking and remains secure, customers' assets are insured under Dutch Central Bank. bunq is integrated with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The product

Within this campaign you can promote personal account and business account.

  • bunq is a fully fledged bank, meaning your money's protected up to ¤100.000.
  • With Freedom of Choice, you decide where and how your money is invested.
  • Socially responsible banking - bunq never invests in shady business, and they share their green commitments with customers
  • Easy Money - up to 5 digital cards and 3 physical bank cards with features for businesses and individuals
  • Easy Green - get access to the latest features like scanning receipts for your business and purchase protection
  • Easy Bank - 1 digital card with apple pay and google pay. Also includes features like instant payments and cheap money transfers
-Confirmed phone number (personal): 20 euro -Confirmed phone number (business): 40 euro

Allowed promotional methods

The following ways of promotion are allowed for this program:
  • Display
  • Content
  • SEA but not on the name of the advertiser
  • Comparison
  • Mobile publishers

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