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Satispay IT

Satispay is a mobile payment app independent from credit and debit cards that can be used by anyone, with any bank account and accepted by merchants with any type of device and system (smartphone, tablet, computer, cash register, POS, e-commerce).

The direct connection with the bank account of users and merchants allows to reduce the typical costs of this world and also offer merchants a cost-effective and easy to use solution. Satispay is therefore the first tool that can be used daily to manage money: from purchases in shops, to the exchange of money between friends, to the payment of services and savings.

Registering is very easy: just download the Satispay app on your smartphone (the application is available for Android and iOS) and register by entering your phone number, IBAN, identity document and tax code. Once you have created your profile and verified your IBAN within a few business days, you only need to set the prepaid amount you want to have on Satispay weekly and you are ready to start your discovery of Satispay's smart world.

The main strengths of Satispay are:

  • Speed: it allows you to make payments with the same simplicity and immediacy of a WhatsApp text.
  • Safety: it is extremely secure because it is only tied to IBAN and not to credit and debit card codes. The IBAN is not sensitive data for security purposes and unlike the credit card number can not be used by third parties to make payments: the debit is only allowed to financial institutions through a mandate authorized by the account holder.
  • Versatility: with a single application, users can easily and quickly manage both everyday payments (purchases in shops, exchange of money between private individuals) and the purchase of services.
  • Cashback: at some shops or in occasion of special promotional campaigns, users can benefit from an immediate refund on the expense. The Cashback is not a discount but an instant refund that occurs after the payment.

To find out more about Satispay click here.

Satispay affiliate program

Satispay offers a payout for every user who sign up and set the budget.

Please contact your Account Manager to discover the payout.

Specifically, the steps of registration and activation of a Satispay account are described in detail here.

The platform tracks:

  • The successful completion of point 9e of the section "Step for the signup", i.e. the uploading of the identity document and the completion of the registration, which will not be paid, but marked by a symbolic figure of 0.01 cents to allow a better view of the statistics.
  • The setting by the user of his/her weekly budget within Satispay (event FIRST_BUDGET_SET, point 5 of the section "Step for activation").

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