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Woolsocks INT

WOOLSOCKS ES – The money app

Saving money, as was done in the past in some cultures in wool socks, is still possible today, but with virtual socks! For this reason, we've created Woolsocks, a new app to manage own personal finances. 

Woolsocks, The money app offers new financial experiences to its customers. Available on Play Store and App Store, it allows organizing and control one’s money in a single place for free. Our main goal is to make our clients feel secure and able to have financial freedom using smart money management tools.

Woolsocks users will be able to connect all their bank accounts to the app, to see and control all their spends and income organized by categories. Money can grow in our app. Thanks to auto-rewards costumers receive cashback on their daily expenses and can find great discounts in more than 35000 stores. The money earned can be either transferred to one’s bank account, or donated directly to fundraisers, to making “a good deed” part of people’s financial routine. Free of charge, there is also the possibility to open a savings account, where the user can invest one’s money to reach one’s savings goals. To totally control one’s money, Woolsocks detects unused subscriptions and allows users to cancel them in one click. Totally free, totally safe!

Woolsocks was created by two of the DEGIRO founder, and for this reason we like to call ourselves an “experienced app”. Woolsocks won an award among the 100 best innovative ideas in Spain in the year 2021.

Main functions:

    Connecting bank accounts to the app using PSD2 regulations, offers the possibility to see all finances together. Both income and expenses are automatically grouped into categories and the users can see through graphs their financial situation. That way, they will be able to know where their money goes each month and act wisely with all their spending.
    Costumers, by connecting bank accounts, will get automatic rewards from their purchases online or in-store. In this way, they save smarter while shopping! For example, by shopping at the supermarket, such as Lidl or Día, and paying with the account linked to the app, customers will automatically receive a 0.5% of the money they spent. IF they decided to make a purchase online, in addition to the auto reward, they will get access to a special deal of up to 35%. All the money is sent to a “cashback sock”, a digital piggy bank from which it’s possible to withdraw savings or donate them to a good cause.
    The user can decide what they want to do with their savings. One option is to donate directly to a fundraiser through the app. Up to 5 foundations can be supported and it’s possible to choose how much percentage of savings to give.
    We offer our clients the opportunity to open a savings account with which they can achieve their savings goals. The account has an IBAN, through which it can be possible to send or receive money. In this way, savings grow because we offer a yearly bonus if the user sends their savings and rewards to the account.
    Controlling one’s finances can be complicated, so we point out expenses that can be avoided, such as zombie subscriptions. Through the app, it is possible to cancel them with just one click and for free.

Campaign conditions:

Payout: 10 EUR CPA

*A Sale is considered when the user opens an account (free of charge) and connects the bank account through the PSD2 license. Registration is quick and simple and takes 2 minutes.
Note: Leads from users who connect their account to an existing IBAN in the woolsocks database will be cancelled.

Validation in the system: NET30

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Restrictions: Incentivised traffic, bot traffic, pornographic or erotic content websites, gambling, gaming and/or cheating content. Where a reward percentage is indicated, it is necessary to indicate "Terms and conditions may apply".<

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