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financeAds is the premium affiliate network for banking and insurance.

For our advertisers, we gain new partnerships and assist in the generation of new clients on a contingency basis. We are already the market leader in Germany and Austria. But are also very active in other European countries. We can assist your expansion to another country. 

Premium Network

Get access to our premium publishers network and generate new clients on a contingency basis.

Personal Advice

Comprehensive advice for success . Have an overview  through your personal account manager. 

Maximum Reach

Coverage of all online marketing channels through websites, comparison tools, portals, email, Mobile, and RTB.

To reach your target audience:

financeAds Premium

Benefit from our Pemium financial publisher network with more than 5,000 partner sites in the field of finance and insurance.

financeAds Tools

Position yourself in our financeAds comparison calculators and win quality on a daily customers.

financeAds Plus

Access to more than 5,000 non-finance portals and blogs from the retail, travel & electronics, as well as e-mail, display & retargeting Publishers.

financeAds Pool

Talk to optional target groups through our network of qualified financial agents selling your products in direct contact with customers.

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