Product Data

Product Data

financeAds offers its partners the possibility to retrieve the product data of all advertised Advertiser via a CSV or XML interface. This allows you to, for example, develop their own comparative computer or appropriate mobile applications. The database of financeAds contains the product data of more than 500 products for the account and card, investment, loans and financing.

CSV interface

By using the CSV-interface, the data can be called up in plain text format with column separator. The data are updated live and can be accessed automatically accordingly.

XML interface

By using the XML interface, the data are provided by the XML standard. For detailed instructions about the contents and definitions are available directly after activation.

Leading technology

  • Easy and quick integration of the computer
  • Layout fully customizable (web interface or template)
  • Customize by clicking or hiding optional tracking links
  • Comprehensive reporting tools for Performance

Attractive commissions

  • You get the same commission as single partnerships
  • You also benefit from attractive remuneration click

Updates & Premium Services

  • Automatic daily product and interest rates updates  
  • Individual and free support
  • No backlinks / foreign Branding