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Earning money on our traffic has never been so easy. With financeAds International, the premium affiliate network for Banks, Insurances and FinTech, you can now successfully monetise your advertising space / email database / follower base in just a few steps. A partnership with the financeAds International network is completely free of charge for affiliates (publishers). Once you have confirmed your registration, you will have direct access to over 500 programs in the Finance industry and can immediately start promoting them.

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  • Over 500 affiliate programs across Europe

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  • Tailored and Responsive Advice

  • Free of charge and easy to implement financial Comparison Calculators

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Why you should work with us

  • Exclusive affiliate programs and high commissions

    Want to advertise well-known brands? financeAds International offers numerous exclusive affiliate programs such as Trade Republic, DEGIRO, Bitpanda, Vivid Money. Only with us do you regularly receive premium commissions and access to special incentives.

  • Dedicated account managers and free tools

    Affiliate marketing is at the heart of financeAds International; we stand for sustainable and long-term partnerships. That is why we gladly provide direct and personalised advice as well as a variety of free affiliate tools that add value to your advertising space and attract new users.

  • Precise tracking for more security and transparency

    All your leads and sales are precisely tracked by financeAds International's top of the industry tracking solutions. Our technical options offer the right solution for every requirement. Real-time statistics and push notifications are available via your performance dashboard.

  • No costs, no risk

    For affiliates, registration and use of financeAds International are completely free. Register now and you will have direct access to over 500 programs in the Finance industry and can immediately start promoting them.

All affiliate programs in one place

The financeAds International network offers more than 500 Finance focused affiliate programs. We have exclusive exclusive brands such as Bitpanda, DEGIRO, Santander and Trade Republic, just to name a few. Our program search function allows you to find the most relevant program for your advertising space.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will pay you amounts starting from EUR 50. If you earn less than EUR 50 in a month, this amount will be rolled over to the following month(s) until the payout limit is reached. In your account you can select whether you want to receive a monthly or fortnightly credit; these credits is created on the 1st or 16th of each month. The payment for the respective credits takes place on the 5th or 20th of each month via a transfer to the account specified by you. The prerequisite is that you have entered your complete data and that the minimum payment amount you have set (from EUR 50) has been reached.

  • 1. You own or manage a website, app or social media channel (advertising space)
  • 2. Your advertising space is related to the topic of finance or has an audience who find financial topics exciting
  • 3. Your advertising space offers current content and is already live

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financeAds International is the largest, specialised affiliate network for financial products. Following successful registration, you can promote almost all known brands from the financial industry. From insurances, through banking products, to investment campaigns, financeAds International offers you the largest selection of providers of financial advertising.

As soon as you have successfully registered you can access our program overview via the program search or your personal dashboard. There you can directly select the desired affiliate program and start promoting it.

As an affiliate you can register yourself or your advertising space quickly and free of charge using our application form. After successful activation, you can start directly with the promotion of more than 500 affiliate programs.

Registration and use of financeAds International is completely free of charge for affiliates. Following successful registration, you can access more than 500 affiliate programs from the financial and insurance sector and can start promoting them directly. As a financeAds International partner, you also get access to high-performance tools such as our financial comparison calculator.

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