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Revolut UK

Revolut is Europe's fastest growing fintech with over 16 million customers around the globe. It is regulated by the FCA in the UK and the Bank of Lithuania in the EU. Its app is one of the best designed and rated on the market, it helps users to manage money in real-time with smart budgeting tools. Revolut provides a multi-currency debit card with the possibility to keep and manage 29 currencies and to spend them internationally in over 150 currencies without any fees. Free of charge Standard account offers the UK and IBAN accounts, free ATM withdrawals, access to several cryptocurrencies. It also has an expanding range of extra features for Premium or Metal cardholders: insurance, trading perks, cashback, etc.

3 months of free Premium trial* available for new users.

*When advertising the Free Premium trial, always include the following disclaimer: For new customers only, T&Cs apply, see them here. Premium plan subscription fees will apply after the free trial period. You'll be able to cancel for free at any point before the end of the free trial period. Once activated, you can order a Premium card. If you switch back to your current plan during the free trial period, you'll be charged for the card and applicable break fees. Read more in our Plus, Premium, and Metal Terms here (add link to T&Cs, you can find them on our landing page)"

Commission: £13 for New Active User

IMPORTANT: Promotion of Revolut Stocks and Commodities products is currently forbidden. If you have content on your website or platform promoting any of the products above, we ask you to take it down immediately. Please follow these guidelines when creating content on Revolut.

If you would like to promote Revolut crypto products, you shall submit the content for approval and publish it once you have the confirmation from Revolut team that the content is complying with all regulations. Please refer to the UK Cryptocurrency Guidelines tab in the document above.

In case you are using Google Ads or PPC Bidding, we need clarity on the keywords you are targeting. Revolut's T&Cs categorically prohibit bidding on "Revolut" and any related terms/phrases. In this document you will find a list of non-exhaustive branded keywords.

Any affiliate not complying with this process can face removal from the program.

Advantages as affiliate

  • Attractive CPA
  • Fast-growing global brand
  • Conversion optimised website
  • 30-day cookie-window
Financial super-app
The Business Model
  • Various subscription fees
  • Low fees for overseas spending
  • Additional financial services (insurance, trading, cashback, etc.)
Advantages for the user
  • Accessible pricing
  • Award-winning security systems
  • Smart budgeting tools
  • Investment options
£13 for New Active User

We offer exclusive partnerships and premium commissions
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