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Do you need to acquire new clients, cost-efficiently, while saving time and effort? Do you need a growth story, or simply optimizing your marketing spending?

financeAds International is the right partner for you.

Have full trust in our services, our unique market knowledge and our 15 years of experience in the financial sector and in our extensive reach through the Top Inventories across Europe.

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Key Advantages in working with financeAds International

Do you want to acquire new customers, cost-efficiently, while saving time and effort, and always being up to date?

  • Cost-efficient customer acquisition

  • Largest reach in the financial sector

  • High visibility for your products

  • Technical solutions

  • Tailored advice

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Maximum Reach, Personalised Service and Superior Tracking

  • Largest Reach - best performance

    Through financeAds International you will have access to all key and relevant Top Finance related Affiliates throughout Europe. In addition to these high-reach Financial Websites, we also partner with more than 10,000 specialised Financial Comparison Sites, which deliver the best conversion rates in the market.

  • High Visibility - yet secure

    Our Affiliates reach millions of customers every month by using our white label Financial Comparison Calculators. All Affiliates are manually checked, guaranteeing full brand safety for all brands that are on our Tools.

  • Technical Solutions – always up to date

    Whether using our applications, or our Real-Time Statistics, or our GDPR-compliant Tracking, financeAds International offers our clients reliable solutions to all technical challenges. Top-tier Banks, Insurance and Fintech clients around Europe consider us their main Technical Partner and fully trust our technology.

  • Marketing Channels - All in one solution

    Whether you want to market your product via Comparison Portals, Cashback sites, Email Databases, Display Portals or Influencers, financeAds International can help you choose the best and most performing channels that suit your growth strategy.

  • Top Advice - reach your goals faster

    Successful Affiliate Marketing campaigns require more than just commissions. For over 15 years we have been supporting our clients with our unique market knowledge that helps optimise their Affiliate Programs. Add a financial marketing expert to your team through financeAds

  • Performance-oriented Management – sustainable success

    At financeAds, we always work towards clients success using our Performance Based Model. You can control the campaign's cost and obtain the most ROI oriented results.

We have been successfully working with Advertisers, Agencies and Fintech for years.

No matter whether your brand is already established, or your product is not so well known in the market, we have the right strategy for you, tailored to your needs. Our clients know us for our for cost-efficient, performance-based customer acquisition strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best way to start a programme is to contact us directly via the application form. A dedicated account manager will then get in touch as soon as possible to answer any questions and guide you through the application process. They will help you, for example, with setting up the tracking, finding the right commission model and the appropriate channels for your product.

To launch a program in the financeAds International network you need a financial product. Please contact us directly via the application form, a dedicated account manager will then get in touch as soon as possible to set up your campaign.

Your product will be immediately visible on high-reach websites and several thousand financial portals via the white label calculators. Together with your financeAds International account manager, you can also develop individual marketing partnerships. financeAds International supports you not only in the choice of advertising space but in the negotiation of competitive remuneration.

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