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About Us

We are the leading
Financial Affiliate Marketing Network in Europe

financeAds International GmbH is an international financial affiliate marketing network with a focus on promoting financial products and services.

The company, founded as a joint venture between Fintech "Guru" finleap and financeAds GmbH & CO. KG, is led by Alvise Perissinotto.

As an independent service provider, financeAds International acts as a reliable partner for Banks, Insurance companies and Fintech while supporting website, influencers and other affiliates.

We help banks, insurers and Fintech to acquire new clients through its network of relevant, financial publishers. We offer our services across Europe, in particular in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, the Netherland, Belgium and Poland. We work with all these marketing channels:

  • Classic Finance Websites
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Display and Retargeting
  • Vouchers, Deal and Cashback
  • Travel Websites and Themed Blogs
  • Social Media Marketing

More than 15 years worth of Finance knowledge

financeAds International GmbH is an international affiliate network with a focus on the financial sector. The company was founded as a joint venture between Fintech "Guru" finleap and financeAds GmbH & CO. KG.

We work primarily on performance, a highly ROI oriented form of online marketing, delivering campaigns both for Desktop, Mobile and App funnels. We also provide consultancy and agency services such as branding to Fintech companies.

The first company of the Group was formed in Nürnberg by Ralf Fischer and a partner, financeAds GmbH & CO. KG focusing on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

financeAds GmbH & CO. KG expands its international offering. After initially marketing affiliate partner programmes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the company enters the Dutch and Spanish market with an eye for further expansion across Europe, all centralised in Nürnberg.

financeAds International is born as a joint venture between finleap and Thinking Forward Capital in Berlin. The company launches its offerings to clients in Italy, Poland, France, Spain and The Netherlands.

financeAds expands its management with the addition of Alvise Perissinotto and it eyes further European expansion. The company continues in its growth trajectory with Top-Tier clients across multiple markets.

After 5 successful years of cooperation, leveraging each other connections, market knowledge and expertise, finleap successfully exits the business to verticalAds Group, owner of communicationAds and retailAds

Our Team

The financeAds International Team works primarily from our co-working space at Scaling Spaces in central Berlin, although we have a very flexible work from home and remote working policy. Our Group counts 50 marketing experts across 4 different offices in Germany.


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