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Monese UK

Monese is a European banking service that provides localised mobile-first bank accounts. Monese became the first mobile app alternative to traditional UK banks and is now operating in 31 countries, across the UK, and Europe in 15 languages. It was founded in 2013 and already received the award for the best challenger bank at the European Fintech Awards in 2016. Monese fully covers functional banking needs, including ATM access, in-store purchases, contactless payments, and online shopping. It helps people and businesses bank like locals, moving with them wherever they choose to be. In a matter of minutes, customers can sign up for a Monese account and access global payment solutions that are cheaper than high street banks.

Monese offers a wide range of personal accounts, including instant accounts, joint accounts, and savings. You can open an account in moments. At Monese you have 3 subscription plans: Starter, Classic and Premium. Starter plan is free of charge, while Classis - £5.95/month, Premium - £14.95/month. Once you open an account, you will receive a contactless payment card. Multi-currency accounts are available in GBP, EUR and/or RON.

Monese app also has a built-in currency exchange function so you can request and send payments to people all over the world. International transfers have no commission for Premium users, for users of other plans, the commission starts at 0.5%. Local transfers and transfers to other Monese accounts can be made without fees. Withdrawing money from any ATM worldwide is also free in the currency of your account, within the allowance contained in your plan (eg. £500 for the Classic plan and £1500 for the Premium), for the Starter account £1.5 fee is applied.

It is authorised and regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom, as well as by the relevant authorities in all the countries in which it operates.

Monese’s compelling offer has attracted over 2 million customers to date, and this has been with the help of affiliate publishers. We are looking for partners with a strong audience of expats, freelancers, regular travellers and students to introduce Monese to the next million. Commission starts at €20 per opened account* and high performers will be awarded a substantial increase.

*Currently, we are only able to offer a commission if publishers send traffic directly to the app and not the webpage. Make sure this is embedded in your financeAds link so that we can reward you in full for your services.

Advantages as affiliate

  • Attractive CPA
  • Fast-growing global brand
  • Conversion optimised website
  • 30-day cookie-window
Mobile Money Account
The Business Model
  • 100% mobile only service
  • Multi-currency accounts
  • Various subscription plans
Advantages for the user
  • Multi-currency accounts in GBP, EUR & RON
  • Money transfers to 30+ countries with 19 currencies supported
  • Additional services (credit builder, insurance, saving pots, etc.)
  • Real-time transaction notifications
  • Free instant card top-ups
  • From €20 for Opened Account

We offer exclusive partnerships and premium commissions
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