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Affiliation program: Moneyfarm - financeAds

Via Moneyfarm affiliation program, you will be able to promote the online platform of one of the most relevant online European investment advisors. Moneyfarm is a major digital wealth management company operating in Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Founded in 2011 and regulated by FCA and CONSOB, it currently has more than 125.000 clients.

Overview and advantages of the service

Moneyfarm allows users to invest their wealth in one of the investment portfolios of the company. The client will be able to choose among the various options available based on his priorities and will be helped in the selection by an orientation questionnaire.
The financial products Moneyfarm offers are designed to provide a strong return on the medium to long term. All portfolios are diversified and contain different types of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and commodities, from different geographical areas and expressed in various currencies. In addition to this, Moneyfarm offers the portfolio of monetary funds Liquidity+, the insurance policy Multiramo Sicura&Dinamica, the insurance policy Ramo I Sicura100, and a Securities Account.

Before applying to the campaign, find out about all the advantages below:

  • Allows to entrust the investment decisions to a team of financial professionals, or to operate with a great deal of autonomy as well;
  • Dedicated consultants available on demand;
  • Moneyfarm does not have any return on the financial products included in the portfolios;
  • Option to disinvest, partially or totally, at any time without any cost. This also applies to the portfolio of monetary funds Liquidity+;
  • Management costs up to 50% cheaper than comparable services;
  • Option to offset capital losses and capital gains among the portfolios;
  • It allows to make investments with long-term objectives through the Securities Account

Moneyfarm affiliation program conditions:

Before applying to the campaign, please check the conditions below:

  • Countries: Italy, United Kingdom
  • Approval time: Net60
  • Tracking: Moneyfarm affiliation program rewards simple leads and also a sale, proportional to the amount invested by the users within the first three months from the opening of their accounts. This applies to the Liquidity+ accounts, the insurances policies, and the asset management. Specifically for the Securities Account, the sale has a fixed value and is attributed when the user buys the first security, regardless of its value.
  • Restrictions: SEA activity on brand keywords and their misspelled versions is forbidden.
    Social posts and prelandings have to be sent to the Account Manager of the program for approval before publishing them.

Promotional channels allowed:

The following are all the promotional channels allowed on Moneyfarm affiliation program:

  • Comparators
  • Blogs and websites dedicated to reviews
  • Display
  • SEA
  • DEM, provided that the databases are targeted in accordance with the products; Moneyfarm reserves the right to not reward leads from not-in-target DBs

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