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PLEO Affiliate Program - financeAds

Sign up for the PLEO affiliate program and introduce to your readers a whole new way to manage business spending - no more expense reports, no more piles of receipts, no more out-of-pocket purchases.

PLEO offers virtual and plastic cards to help people buy what they need for work with no fuss. Managers can set spending limits for each card and get notified of purchases in real time. The system automatically categorises each purchase, allowing for real oversight into where company money is going. At the end of the month, accounts teams export everything with just one click.

Pleo has seamless integrations with the top accounting systems, including Xero, Quickbooks, Sage and e-conomic.

Product advantages

Before joining the PLEO affiliate program, learn about all the advantages of its products.

  • Starts from £0
  • Real-time expense tracking
  • Up to 1 % cashback (for eligible customers)
  • Xero and more accounting system integrations
  • Automated bookkeeping

Affiliate Program Conditions

Before joining PLEO affiliate program please learn about all the product's main features and advantages for the users.

  • Allowed markets: EEA countries and the UK
  • Validation: NET 30
  • Tracking: real-time
  • Restrictions: Incentivized traffic, Cashback, Non-financial websites
  • Onboarding: information about business, proof and verification of identity

Allowed channels

Learn about all the channels through which you can promote the PLEO affiliate program.

  • Textlinks
  • Display
  • SEA
  • Advertising on your own Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Vouchercodes
  • Facebook Advertising & Twitter Ads


  • £55 CPL (short lead - business email address, number of employees, phone number - no fake information)

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