Affiliate Program


45 EUR / Lead
(Model: Standard)


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Affiliate Program
Santander BE

The Advertiser

Borrowing for renovation, car or other major expense is a big decision in everyone's life. Planning is half the battle. That is why you can apply for a Personal Loan or a Continuous Credit online at Santander and immediately know where you stand. In 3 short steps your request has been made and within 2 working days after approval the money will be transferred.

The product

Borrowing with Santander

  • Affordable interest rate
  • Direct treatment
  • When and where you want
The remuneration and conditions

To promote this campaign you will receive 45 EUR per approved lead as a payout. The definition of a lead/sale is the correct submission of a quotation. Approval takes place when the lead passes the CKP check.

Permitted promotion methods

The following ways of promotion are permitted for this program:
  • Emailing (opt-in)
  • Textlinks and comparisons
  • Display & Retargeting
  • SEA, but no brand bidding
Unauthorized promotion methods

The following ways of promotion are not allowed. If you do, you will be removed from the program and open leads/sales will be rejected.
  • Cashback
  • Discount codes
  • Incentivized clicks
  • Non-financial websites
  • Mobile apps

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