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Trade Republic Broker IT

Affiliation program: Trade Republic - financeAds

Via Trade Republic affiliation program you will be able to promote one of the largest online broker platforms in Europe. It empowers million of customers to put their money to work by allowing them to invest in 9,500 stocks and 2,000 ETFs and to create a saving plan, all of this without any hidden commission.

Overview and advantages of the service:

Trade Republic is a user-friendly digital platform regulated by BaFin and Bundesbank with a large offer of investment options.

Before applying to the campaign, find out about all the advantages below:

  • Opportunity to trade more than 9.500 stocks and 2.000 ETFs
  • Lump commission of just 1 EUR on trades and no brokerage costs on savings plans
  • Trade Republic passes through 4% p.a. interest on uninvested cash up to 50.000 EUR to its customers
  • Access to the trading of 500 liquid government and corporate bonds with a minimum invested amount of 1 EUR
  • Hold cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum around the clock, regulated in Germany
  • Availabilty of more than 2,500 savings plans

Trade Republic affiliation program conditions:

Before applying to the campaign, please check the conditions below:

  • Countries: Italy
  • Approval time: Net60
  • Tracking: Trade Republic affiliation program rewards the account creation, post KYC;
  • Restrictions: SEA activity on brand keywords and their misspelled versions is forbidden. Social posts and prelandings have to be sent to the Account Manager of the program for approval before publishing them.

Promotional channels allowed:

The following are all the promotional channels allowed on Trade Republic affiliation program:

  • Comparators
  • Blogs and websites dedicated to reviews
  • SEA
  • Emailing
  • Social Media
  • Display
  • Deals and vouchers

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