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Younited Credit IT

Younited Credit is a "social lending" platform born in France in 2011 that has been present on the Italian market since 2016, where it operates through a bank license issued by the Bank of Italy.

The purpose of Younited Credit is to enable people to get a loan quickly and safely without the use of traditional banking circuits, linking direct applicants and professional investors. Loans obtained through Younited Credit may range from 3,000 to 40,000 EUR for a period of 24 to 72 months and may be claimed by all persons with proof of income between the ages of 27 and 70.

Participating in the Younited Credit campaign

The purpose of the Younited Credit affiliate program is to generate lead of users that are interested in applying for a loan through the platform. Affiliates promoting the Younited Credit IT program will receive a commission of:
7,00 EUR CPL for SPA companies, state employees and retired people;
4,50 EUR CPL for SRL companies;
1,20 EUR CPL for other requests (SAS, SNC, COOP..)

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